1st Smear - Abnormal + HPV

Hi ladies!

I know this is something that has probably been covered in countless other threads from lots of other women.. but you know whe you keep telling yourself it'll be ok, and to calm down? But it never works? Thats where I'm at.. Apologies for the long winded post..

I'm 29 years old, and had my first (yes, I know..) smear test a couple of weeks ago.  My results came back as abnormal and I have mild dyskaryosis and evidence of HPV infection.  Straight away, my head screams, "WHAAAT?! AN STD?!" and I feel dirty, ashamed and scared.  I was half expecting abnormal cells, as a worst case scenario, but to be told in black and white I have an STD was a different story.

I've read that HPV can give you warts, which I don't have.  Neither does my partner.  So I clearly have another strain of it.  I've been ill with tonsilities/inflamed tonsils/colds on and off since December.  So now I'm worried I have HPV of the throat.  I'm worried about how long I've had it for, what its been doing to me since I've had it.. even though I've had no other symptoms apart from being ill on and off since Christmas.

So the next step, is a colposcopy.  Which I'm having to wait around a month for, and after reading other threads, this isn't too bad a wait. 

Now, all the things I wasn't worried about before, I'm terrified about.  My constant sore throat, the certain "bit" that hurts a little when I have intercourse, and the fact I have whats classed as an STD. 

I've had a cry, and my family have been really supportive, as has my boyfriend, and I keep telling myself its going to be fine, and theres no point in worrying about something you know nothing about, but thats whats scaring me. 

I'm clearly terrified of what the colposcopy is going to find..

I don't even really know what I'm looking for in terms of answers or reassurance..  and I'm sure a million of us have all been through the same thing.. but bloody hell... scared much!?

I think I need a dry slap and to be told to get a grip! 



Hiya we all feel like that when we get the letter screaming abnormal! 

Firstly don't feel ashamed dirty or anything HPV is NOT something to be ashamed about

fitstly you may of got it from the first person you slept with and had it ever since, it makes me feel so sad

reading women feel like this after they get the HPV diagnosis and believe me you're not the only one to feel like that way

bit please don't xx 


secondly the colposcopy is a little like another smear this time though they get a much closer look at the infected cells and how large the area is 

it's not painful maybe a little uncomfortable the waiting around is what myself and many others have struggled with xxx

Hey hun, 1st of all Lola is right, don't feel ashamed of the HPV at all! I have that too aslong with probably 95% of the women who post on here and it's unfortunate yes but it's not something that you should blame yourself for. Yes u will have a "high risk" strain, the warts r caused by the low risks strain of which you don't have, it's just in the same family of virus but totally different from the hpv strain u have. I have been wondering about the throat situation aswel, I had to have my tonsils out in 2012 as I had a constant sore throat with white patches but it wasn't tonsillitis, they removed my tonsils due to them being asymmetrical due to a small lump on one. This was sent of and tested n I had to ring over 10 weeks later for the results of which I believe were lost (private hospital yet through nhs) they said it was all clear yet it leaves me thinking that it was the hpv causing my throat problems now looking back. So I agree with you n if your unsure def mention it to your doctor. You also have the same smear result as me, I had my colposcopy on the 6th feb, results came on the 26th feb as ungradeable CIN (don't know why) and I'm booked in for a lletz on the 27th march, 2 weeks today infact. I worried alot at first but now it's more of an inconvenience as reading all the experiences on here I think that once your in the system n under a consultant that you will be fine and looked after and treated if need be. Good luck with everything n keep ur head up :) (sorry about the essay here) haha xxx

Thank you both, you've both been very reassuring.  I've read through a lot of posts here, and compared to what some women have had to go through, this whole first section should be a walk in the park!

I have an appointment on 9th April. .so Ive got a month to wait, but will just try and keep my mind active and on other things.

Gem, thats exactly it.. Ive suffered with tonsilities before, but not for this long!  My immune system is shot to bits at the moment, and I feel like Im falling apart at the seams, but once this is out of the way, I'm sure I'll be back on track.

I'm hoping whoever I see at my Colposcopy appointment will have some more answers.


Thanks again ladies. xx