1st screening ever and dealing with alot


I am not quite 25 yet (1 month away) and got a letter 5 months ago imforming to go for my first screening..wasn't too worried just Got on with and i received aa letters one week later informing me I had cin1 and HPV positive and i would need a colposcopy.

Soi attended my first colposcopy and was advised that i would need a punch biopsy and surface of cervix to be quarterized. .ok fine...but 2 weeks lateri received a letter statingmy biopsy showed cin2 of possibke pre cancerous cells , attended my 2nd colposcopy and doctor imformed me i would need laser to desyroy cells but when getting closer lookhe performed a lletz as needed more removing :(

Now I am waiting on my results again but I am having odd symptoms..was advised I would bleed...havent evenhad a slight spot..but instead i am experiencing a water like discharge which i have to wear a sanitary towel as its saturating my underwear..also feeling the odd cramps low in my stomach...Is this normal?

Anyone had anything similar?  Thanks