1st scan tomoz

Treatment finished mid March  got my first scan  tomoz so nervous  then  got to wait  2 weeks to ring up 4 my results 

Aw good luck hun for tomorrow xxx I'm waiting for my PET scan results on Wednesday! Then I will find out how many chemo/radio therapy sessions I will need.

The waiting sucks xxx will be thinking of you

Good luck.  Hope everything is clear.  Try to keep busy to keep your mind off it.  I know it's hard.  I have my first scan not this week coming but the week after and I have to wait for 2 weeks for results, too.  I finished my treatment at the beginning of April so we're not far apart as regards treatment dates and first scan dates!

Thanks  ladies  Deffo  gonna  try  n keep  busy  good luck with ur results ladies got a holiday in 3 weeks  so will keep  busy  with stuff  for that 

Good luck with your results. Pray all is good. :-) I have mine in September.

1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node involved, restaged to 2b, 5 chemo and 25 radiation, may 2017


try to think positive, you are doing so well! You have had your tubes removed and are feeling stronger everyday. I'm sure everything will be just fine. It's hard getting used to the after treatment routine. There are highs and lows of this whole journey. I go from being so scared and having anxiety just before scans and waiting for results to being so relieved after a checkup is good. Then I'm so at ease for another couple of weeks, then I start thinking again then ...... well you get the routine  :)


Thanks  ladies all done  home  n chilling before  my first  day bak at work  tomoz x