1st Post-LLETZ Period

Yesterday I was saying that the first week since my LLETZ and 'top hat' hadn't been too grim. Serves me right for being cocky. Today my period has started and can I just take this opportunity to say, "OUCH!!!"

Been trying to keep doing normal life things while I'm waiting on results but instead of drinking free wine and schmoozing at a swanky work function in London, I've bailed out and I'm curled up on the couch all grumpy, cramping and hoping these stupid pads don't leak.

On the plus side, if I have to have a hysterectomy fairly soon then at least this could be one of the last periods I have. Weird thought, best not to go there.

Time for a hot water bottle and a G&T I think.....

Awh hun i feel for you (((((big hugs))))
Do you know how long you have to wait for results? Whats tophat? I have badcramps everywhere cuz of lletz. Down below, tummy and my back really hurt.

Awww poor you Rosehip! My period felt awful after lletz and was only about a week inbetween - never none bleeding like it (apart from the lletz itself) and I’m not sure why it seems to be worse as its a different bleed but it definitely was not my imagination.

G&T sounds like an excellent idea and I could just sink one myself right now…a cuppa will have to do I suppose.
I still have some red blood (from my period I think) and some brown discharge from lletz but consultant had a quick look yesterday and said all looks ok. Today however I have a little intermittant discomfort down there so hoping its just from having an implement inserted for the first time which has set me of again. Will keep an eye on it

Hope you feel a little better soon and keep in touch

Hey Sheila

Have an appointment for results in a week. :roll:

They found CGIN in my abnormal smear and that’s the rarer type which can affect lining cells further up into the womb. So when I went for the colposcopy they did the LLETZ ‘scoop’ and also took out an extra cone of tissue on top while I was there (the ‘top hat’). It means they can see what’s going on with the cells further up than the outer surface of the cervix.

It doesn’t seem that it’s very common to do it that way, but I think I was lucky to go to a hospital that could do it because it has sped diagnosis up for me. As far as I understand it it means they can get the same sized sample quickly under a local anaesthetic as they would from a cone biopsy, which is normally a separate general anaesthetic job.

All sounds a bit drastic, I know, but I don’t have anything like the problems you have with having stuff done under local anaesthetic, and I do have a different condition to you, so please don’t worry about this, at least :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone

Many Thanks for your posts as I have been experiencing similar symptoms from lletz 2 weeks ago.

Wish i had seen your post a few hours earlier because i would maybe then have thought period instead of haemmorage!!

Best wishes to all x

I had my period 2 days after mine, I asked the doctor what would happen and she said ‘expect the period from hell!’ She wasn’t wrong!! xx

Hello ladies , just thought i would post about my first period post treatment so if any of you experience one like this try not to worry easy to say i know , it startd with backache and stomach ache and pains down my legs , sorry if its tmi then i was flooding every coupke of hours for 2 days and was losing large blood clots and liver like lumps i also rang nhs direct and thy said unless i was soaking a tampon or pad every twenty minutes to try not to worry , it settled down on the second day and they have been normal since , by the way i went 6 weeks after treatment before i had a period .

Thanks ladies - sounds like I have got away comparatively easily then. Ibuprofen, gin and a hot water bottle have definitely taken the edge off. :slight_smile:

BTW, I don’t think we should worry about tmi on here - if we can’t discuss the stuff that’s really going on here, where can we?

Take care my dears! x