1st Oncologist Appointment Today

Ok so here is what’s up… Had a pap a few weeks ago due to abnormal bleeding and pain that had just started. I had not been in years, I know, terrible. Anyway it came back abnormal and atypical glandular cells. I went in for ultrasound, colposcopy and biopsy, it came back as positive for glandular cancer and a 2 cm fibroid, was given no stage. Today I had my first appointment with the oncologist, after lab work, a thorough pelvic and rectal exam I was deemed at a stage 1b2, and my “little” fibroid ended up being a 6 cm tumor. I am waiting for a pet scan to confirm everything. I’m not a candidate for surgery, looks like I’ll go the chemo/rad route. That’s all I know for sure. Is it common to get your staging before you have even had scans?

Hi NM:

I think it depends where you are. Most women on here are in the UK and it seems that an initial staging is made followed by a definitive staging after an MRI. A PET scan will determine whether there is lymph node involvment, but I don't remember seeing that alter staging, just treatment plans.

I'm in the US and was staged before my CT scan. Never had a MRI. Did have a PET scan but that was actually ordered for something else.

When's your PET scan?

How are you doing? 1b2 is very early stages - very treatable and cureable - but nonetheless, being diagnosed is a nasty shock.

Keep us posted.

love t x

Teresa- I am in the US too. I'm waiting for them to call back with a PET scan date. Probably will have it next week. I also got taken by surprise as the doc crammed his fingers up my back door LOL. Apparently the tumor is growing posterior? But the rear entrance is the only way he could guage the size of the tumor entirely. He said my tumor is passed where he likes to operate. He said he wont operate over a 5cm tumor, and mine is 5-6ish. He said he could do a hyster, but he said it wasnt necessary. I do feel a little better having been given an approximate staging. I was prepared to hear worse since I havent had a pap in ages. I also started having some pretty rough symptoms, so I was really nervous that I was pretty advanced in stage. I guess thats not always the case. Im trying not to freak myself out over the scan. I keep thinking what if hes wrong?? Im trying to be positive though! Thanks for answering!


Your story seems to be starting off just as mine did :-) A fibroid that's not a fibroid at all. Lucky for you to skip the surgery! I believe that going straight to chemo-rads without passing GO! is a bonus. And I'd like to add that even if he is wrong (unlikely) and it's more advanced than his initial diagnosis, you are still having the best possible treatment with a seriously impressive success rate :-)

Be lucky :-)

You're in the US too? Yay!

Doctors here seem very conservative in their treatment plans so I'm sure his plan for you will be very thorough. Nice to skip the surgery and get started. As Tiv says, this is very treatable and very cureable.

Keep us posted,

love t x