1st docs app, requested urgent referral

Hi, im new and have gone 2 my 1st app 2day the doctor took my details and said he wanted to have a look via speculum he said there was to much blood and he was unable to see properly! So he said anyway, I said to him does anything look suspicious and he basically said he couldnt say at this point and urgent referral needs 2 b done! So I dont no whether 2 worry or not my symptoms are bleeding after sex and randomly bleeding other days! Really dont no what 2 think. Xx

Hi Weezey.

Certainly I can see why you were told that he couldn't say if anything looked suspicious if everything was covered with blood. And certainly all this blood is not a normal state of affairs is it. So an urgent referral seems like the most sensible thing he could have done. If you aren't worried, then don't start, it never achieves anything. Just wait and see what happens and let us know when you have found out what's going on.

Be lucky :-)