1st Colposcopy - Awaiting Results

Hi to whomever reads this,

I am 28 and have had three smear tests over three years, all of which came back as HPV positive. On the 24th December 2021 (great timing right!), I got a letter referring me for a Colposcopy with ‘Negative Cytology but high risk HPV result’. My Christmas Eve was subsequently spent researching Colposcopies and possible outcomes etc, right to how would I go about freezing eggs/embryos if I have to have a hysterectomy, as I have not yet had children and would like to one day. I know it’s the worst case scenario but my anxiety just went through the roof. Researching helped me.

My Colposcopy appointment was scheduled for 18th February so I have just had it and I had sleepless nights for two weeks leading up to it. I was an anxious wreck driving to and during the appointment (it sucks so much that because of Covid, you can’t have anyone there with you). However, the nurses were so wonderful which helped me through the appointment. It was nowhere near as painful as my coil fitting but was still unpleasant.

I am now waiting for my results as they did take a punch biopsy during the procedure. I actually looked at my cervix on the screen (they say it looks like a circumcised penis!) and was told that everything looked good, but they could see evidence of viral HPV, hence the punch biopsy. I am SO nervous waiting for the results and have posted on here really just to see if anyone else has, or is, going through the same scenario.

If you read this far, thank you I really appreciate it :blush: x

Welcome to the community, Ivy and well done for getting through your first colposcopy. This is the gold standard, as they say, in investigation for abnormal cells. However you are a living example of ‘prepare for the worst’, aren’t you! Now you need to start the other part of the phrase: ‘hope for the best’. There is nothing in what you’ve said that suggests anything is wrong - other than having viral HPV, which about 80% of sexually active adults have and which, if active, CAN cause cell changes. However the negative cytology is really positive, and it sounds like your team are being really cautious for you. No-one is suggesting you have cancer, and the idea of having a hysterectomy is remote.

It will take a few weeks for you to get your results. Please look at all the information on Jo’s Trust and stop googling. Sounds like all is well, and that’s what you’ve got to look towards. Nothing else helps you live your life! X