1st Colcoscopy apt - do you have to have treatment there & then (if needed)

I've been called for a colcoscopy (awaiting appointment) following smear giving borderline cell changes & hpv +. I'm 49, regular smears, 1st time any issue. Bit surprised straight to colcoscopy in current climate & not follow up smear but very grateful for the speedier process.

The advice booklet says 'may' do biopsy.  If they decide need to 'whip away' any cells without a biopsy result first can you insist on having a biopsy only then treatment later? Has anyone gone on this path & refused the 'there & then treatment' at a 1st colcoscopy.  were you pressurised to have treatment at yr colcoscopy? Or what  choices did you have.  Just want to be prepared for all scenarios. Many thanks.

Hi I'm in same boat. 43 years old and have a 5 month old baby. things changed over last couple of years and they now send you for colposcopy if you have HPV and cell changes. It's standard procedure. 

You don't need to take treatment then and there if you don't want to. I've decided I will as I would just want it dealt with ASAP. 


Hi hdm50

Many thanks for the info and taking time to respond. 

Hi Farinet,


I'm not a medical practitioner but on the basis your changes are borderline it's unlikely you will be given any treatment.


You will have the option to discuss not having treatment before they look at your cervix too. 

No problem. I hope it all goes well. It's an anxious time x