1st chemo done!

Good morning ladies

 I started treatment Tuesday getting chemo and the radio both on day one.  I have to say they both (esp the chemo) were not as bad as I thought they would be. I was really lucky as had a lovely bunch of people in my room and actually managed to have a good laugh.

so far the only issue I seem to have is really bad nausea.  The sickness tablets take a little of the edge off but still feeling pretty yuk which is putting me off food, do any ladies have any tips or can advise how long it lasts?

also my hemoglobin is sitting quite low, so fearful that if it goes down I'll need a transfusion before treatment. The nurse said food will unlikely impact on it as it will be due to blood loss and the chemo but does anyone have any tips to claw it back up (she discouraged me from using iron tablets) I had liver twice yesterday but felt I was on a bush tucker challenge on I'm a celeb (sorry liver fans!!)

any my tips or shared experiences are great fully Received!

one chemo down four to go bring it on!


Let the team know when you go today that you still feel sick. There are other meds they can give you that will help. Emend is great but it doesn't come as standard on the NHS. I had it added from week 3 chemo and Have been much better. 

Liver makes me feel sick at the best of times, let alone eating it when you feel rough anyway!!! 

Hope you get the nausea sorted cause it truly is the pits.

Rach x

Nearly completed your first week well done!

I'm with you on liver being a bush tucker challenge!

Hope you managed to get some tips from your team today xxx 

Rach hope you are doing well xxx

Hi Kimmy :-)

Emend is definitely the best anti-nausea medication! Demand it (if you're bold enough ;-)
Personally I love liver and I also love Marmite, you may find that Marmite is useful but I have no information for you on that one, sorry!

Be lucky :-)

Hi kimmy 

i can agree emend is fantastic.. I felt so so sick on my first week.. I spoke out about it and emend sorted me out..

good luck and please speak to your nurses.

liver no thanks... 

I can't advice on your bloods but was told to eat loads of vegetables but avoid green veg...

I understand that nettle tea is the thing for hb, from friends having chemo. Also perhaps digestive aid so that what you do eat/drink is readily absorbed. eg Floradix do a digestive elixir. You might find good tips for haemoglobin on the breast cancer / other cancer sites if you dare google! And yes, let your team know. Wishing you all the best Kimmy xx

Hi, I've got advanced cancer so my treatment will be diffrent to what you are receiving (chemo) I finished my 6 sessions of this and I am on my 2nd week of radiotherapy which I have everyday which is a major pain in the arse! And chemo once a week and I too suffered really bad and still an (due to the chemo again) suffer with sever sickness and I can not face food at all so I understand 100% how you feel and what your going through! I have found that the only thing to help me is the anti sickness tablets - not the ones after chemo they're pants for me - if you mention the severe sickness at your review they will give you a diffrent kind the kind I have I take 30-60 minutes before food which help a lot! And I have weekly steroids just for a week but only take them if needed and they boost my appetite - I also snack on a lot of fruit which I found I don't feel sick on and can keep it down. I have also been given build up drinks from the hospital which is like a nice but weird milkshake - after a few they aren't too bad! These help when I really cam not eat and they have vitamins etc in them so are good short term I suppose.

I find that if I snack rather than eat a full meal also helps as I feel over faced by a lot of food on my plate now.

I hope my advice is helpful in some small way! But if you are in doubt always speak to your doctor or a senior nurse as they seem to "get things done" so to speak x

Also re your bloods I have had 3 blood transfusions - 1 before being diagnosed - only went the doctors for a smear test and a diabetes blood test and was admitted to the hospital the next day as I was severely anemic.....Unfortunately there maybe nothing you can do and a transfusion or something else maybe needed....If a transfusion is needed it looks horrible but it does help I felt so much better straight away!

It's strange how you have been advised against iron tablets as I was prescribed them when having chemo - maybe ask for some background on this?

Hi Carmel 

thanks so much for that it's really helpful.  I'm on different anti sickness tablets this week which seem to working better so not as bad.  How are u getting on??