1b2 cc + lymph nodes involvement pre chemo rad treatment questions

Hi Guys,


I hope everyone is fine and that we count our blessings and not our curses today :) 


I’m Nat and I got diagnosed with CC 1b2 in August, we realised there’s lymph nodes involvement and received a schedule of 28x radiotherapy, 5x Chemo and 2 Brachytherapy sessions. 

I’ve been stalking Jo’s trust forum and it has helped me massively, so thank you to everyone posting and answering! 


I have some weird questions about the treatment though. Where does the actual tumour go? Lol. Does it dissolve? Where? 

And can I keep active or am I dreaming (training etc). Everyone tells me I’ll be fatigue but I’m thinking energy creates energy? No? 

Also: I got an appointment booked with a fertility group with my partner. We want to freeze embryos. But should I ask more things when there? Please help since it’s so much info and I don’t want to miss anything if it can ease my way of one day being a mom (29y, no kids).


thank you girls! You’re amazing :) 



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Hi Nat

I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation. I can’t really help much but hang onto that positive attitude it’ll work wonders for you and good luck


What a wonderful,  positive attitude you seem to have - that will definitely see you in good stead. 

Where does the tumour go? Not a clue on that one but I expect it just flushes out of your body with any waste. I'm probably way off the mark but .....

With regard to keeping active, do what you feel.  I did a lot of walking but I also did a lot of resting. I don't think its advisable to go swimming as your immune system will be lowered and it's easy to pick up germs in a pool.

Do what you can without overdoing it xxx 

Oh and drink lots of water x

Thank you!! Speaking and reading what you guys have managed to go through makes everything possible!!  

Oh okay, well that tells me you don’t “feel” it leaving the body which is quite nice to know lol.




Hey Lotty 

thank you for trying, it means a lot :)! And thanks!

i kind of see it as my last year of Being Bruce Wayne before one last challenge to conquer before becoming batman in life. I truly believe in growing through what we’re going through, it’ll make all of us stronger n better human beings <3

Don’t worry about the egg retrieval process, it wasn’t bad at all. Although I could never put the needle in myself I always made my boyfriend do it lol. Unfortunately for me my menstration was off so they were only able to get two eggs out, so my doctor said the chances of getting a embryo from the two is slim. I’m glad I gave it a try though. Get some comfy clothes, drink lots of water and moisturize your butt and pelvis so no radiation burns occur. Wishing you the best and hope everything turns out well!

Hi Nat!

Apologies for the late reply, has your treatment started yet?

I've just finished my treatment of 28 x rad, 3 x brachy and 6 x chemo and like you I was a gym and swim bunny!! I went into this with the promise to listen to my body and do what it wanted me to, the thought of no training made me depressed (and feel worse!!).

The first 4 weeks were relatively fine, I done a walk almost every day and on the days I felt strong I lifted lighter weights (mainly upper body), but my sessions were only half the length of my normal. I stopped all swimming as the infection risk is way too high, also if you did start to feel unwell it could be dangerous (take this from a swimming coach, it's not worth it!!).

To be honest the daily grind to and from rad was tiring in itself and the emotional impact of treatment was tiring also. So what I was doing was plenty and most definitely helped with my mental health. I did notice that muscle recovery took a hell of a lot longer, so again when I felt tired I done a light walk and nothing else. Some days I done nothing, but I most definitely didnt beat myself up!

On weeks 5 and 6 I had my brachy so that totally wiped me out - I had no inclination of training!! I am now just finished treatment and although I still don't have any urge whatsoever to train, I'm keeping active. I go for short walks when I can and when I'm tired I don't. I also lost a bit of weight with brachy so I want it on again before starting the gym.

My advice is that everyone is different and every body is different. If you are used to moving and training then do it - but remember your body isnt going to be producing new cells or half as much energy so don't cause it more long term damage (which means longer recovery!!). There are a lot of bad news stories out there. Yes, take them on board for awareness, but don't focus too much on the negatives. This is your journey, create your own path!! 

Oh and also just be aware of the germs in gyms, i brought my own wipes and thoroughly cleaned my hands, water bottle, etc regularly!!

Good luck with it all,

Oonagh xx


Hey Oonagh


thank you for this!! I appreciate it! I started it today!!! I feel so happy that we're finally doing this!! 1 radiotherapy down 24 to go lol!! 
My first chemo is tomorrow and thank you for your tips! I've decided not to lift since I know I easily catch a flu (especially these times). I'm trying to stay active by walking and maybe do some stretching/yoga :) 


how are you feeling after treatment? 

 xx nat