1B1 Results - Positive Outcome from Radical Hysterectomy

Hi All,
I have been bobbing around for a few months after being diagnosed with 1B1 Cervical Cancer on August 21st.
Treatment was a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal and this happened on October 15th.
Today I got my final histology results from the op. There was actually NO cancer in what was removed. They believe it must have been removed in my LLETZ back in August albeit there were no clear margins. They did find CIN III changes in what they removed however so my treatment was the best option. Finally, and most importantly, my lymph nodes were CLEAR!!! No further treatment required. I am back for a check up at the beginning of March 2016.

And breathe!!!

Great great news!! So happy for you Kelly:))

xx Anna

Thank you so much Anna! I can't quite take it in...it doesn't seem real xx

Thats wonderful news to hear- Yay!!!!!!!!! So happy for you :)

Great news! What a relief. Enjoy celebrating x x

Fantastic news! You must be over the moon.

Take care!


big hugs,




That's brilliant news. Really happy for u. Go out and celebrate.

Nicola x

That's brilliant news. Really happy for u. Go out and celebrate.

Nicola x

Thanks All! Praying for positive outcomes for all of you still awaiting results or undergoing treatment.

This forum has been a lifesaver for me and its funny how the support of total strangers that you meet through a forum like this can be so comforting. I remember when I was first diagnosed, how reassuring it was to hear from other women in the same boat and others who had been successfully treated. I can never thank this forum enough Xxx

Thats great news Kelly. Very pleased for you. 

Excellent news Kelly! Time to go dancing round the block I think :-)




Hi Kelly78

Just want to say how happy I am for you, such wonderful news and a huge relief for you xx

I agree with everything you say, this forum has been a lifesaver and the support from others helps in a way words alone cannot express. Unfortunately, after my radial hysterectomy, they still found cancer cells so I am starting treatment on Monday. Hopefully after these next 6-8 weeks I shall also be cc free. (Hoping and praying)

Take care xxx