1b diagnosis


i have just been diagnosed with stage 1b cervical cancer and am booked in for a radical hysterectomy on the 3 June. I am so scared and feel so worried the surgery isn't going to get it all. Ti feel so down. Any stories of people who have been through this would be really helpful

Hi. Sorry to hear that yet another lady has been given a diagnosis. I had a Radical hysterectomy (RH) January '14. It's perfectly normal to be worried but after the op they will send everything to the lab to be tested. You will read on here about 'margins' they will test the very edges of what is removed, and if they are cancer free you have 'clear margins' = good news! Sometimes the margins aren't clear, but your surgeon will know they are not after testing, so you will not be unknowingly walking around with cells left in side you. Hope that makes sense? 

Hi Kerry,

Sorry for your diagnosis :-( If you are looking for a story about getting through this then click on my name in pink. That will take you to my profile and there you will find "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy" I hope it puts a smile on your face :-)

Be lucky


Hi  kerry sorry about the diagnosis but glad you've found the forum I was stage 1b1 had a radical hysterectomy and lymph nodes removed got the all clear on the 12th of Feb keep positive hun xx

Hi,I was diagnosed 1b1 in Aug 2013 & also had radical hysterectomy with nodes also taken,I had 5 weeks of chemo/radiation because my margins were extremely close,this treatment was given as an extra precaution,I have just been the 18 month all clear,it's only natural to feel scared and worried I was exactly the same,if you want to ask anything else I'm more than happy to try and answer your questions,sending you luv and a big hug,cj

Hi Kerry 

as the others say - you've found the right place for support in terms of what to expect for the surgery itself. The next bit is going to be the waiting game - I was very lucky that all the margins were clear and amazingly had the results 7 days after the radical hysterectomy. 

It's only been a few months since my diagnosis and subsequent treatment - I remember too well the 24 hour thoughts/wondering/worrying/frantic internet-ing. I'm keeping up with the forum as it was an incredibly useful place to 'land' and read info. The hystersisters website was also good. 

Keep us posted XL