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Hello everyone I just wanted to share my story to hopefully reassure anyone newly diagnosed with stage 1a1. I was diagnosed in January 2015 with squamous cell cervical cancer stage 1a1 after having the lletz when the smear showed severe changes. I had a few abnormal smears leading up to this and diagnosed hpv. After being told early cancer was found in the lletz sample I was told I would need a cone biopsy. I had this and the result was ‘no residual cin or cancer’ so just healthy tissue. I also had an mri which was normal. Well I’ve just had my results of my recent smear I had earlier this month and the result is negative. I wanted to share this as I know how terrifying it is being told you have cancer even when you’re reassured it’s early and treatable your mind can run away with you and when diagnosed I went to a very dark place and spent my days thinking the worst and that my babies would be left without their mother. I ended up taking a short course of antidepressants and saw 2 different councillors as I really didn’t cope well at all and developed severe health anxiety fuelled by searching cancer relates things on Google and obsessive trips to the gp, i think its so hard to think rationally and positively when we hear the c word about ourselves and it strikes such fear into us and we automatically jump to the worst and severe end of the spectrum but generally they say cervical cancer is a slow growing and not a very aggressive cancer like some others. Its now 18 months since diagnosis for me and seeing consultant every 3 months for colposcopy and 6 monthly smears all of which have been normal so I’ve now moved on to 6 monthly appointments. I did make some changes to my lifestyle as I think something like that make you realise we’re not invincible and need to look after our health, so I stopped smoking, stopped taking the mini pill, started drinking green tea, multi vitamin, green vege shakes, lots of garlic, fresh fruit, vegetables, as much sleep as possible etc etc, I hope this is helping and it certainly makes me feel a bit empowered and like I’m doing something to help myself. I still have the occasional moment of panic and what if etc but slowly over time and with each normal result I’m slowly getting my confidence and happiness back and looking forward to life and my future with my babies. I truly wish all of you ladies on here the very best and hope this can reassure anyone that is in the position I was. Lots of love libby xxxx

Hi Libby:

Thanks for sharing such a positive story. 

Take care

love t x

Hi Libby, thanks for sharing your story. I've been struggling big time since staring back at work last month and got told today I've got stress and anxiety. I had a lot going on in my life despite the cancer and just bottled everything up. Now im suffering. I'll try what you suggested about changing my eating etc. Hopefully that will help.

take care

 Shaz xx

Thanks for sharing Libby :-)

So glad to hear that life is turning out grand :-)

Be lucky :-)

This is such an emplowering post.  My health anxiety is awful and I can relate to how you feel. I will too make some changes to my diet 

Hi incase anyone reads this story now,  I've just had results of my recent smear and it's all clear. So 2 years on and still all looking good. Best wishes to you all xxx

Thanks so much for sharing Libby. I had a LLETZ three wks ago then called back on Fri to be told they found 1a1 cancer. I've been referred for an mri so currently waiting for appt. In the meantime I've convinced myself I have all sorts and am somehow riddled with it!! Am struggling big time with anxiety/stress but having suffered in the past I preempted this and went straight to GP to get back on the meds and hoping they kick in asap. Never thought I'd be dealing with this. Hoping the worst I'm looking at is a cone biopsy as we'd been planning to try for a second child this year.

Anyway just wanted to say your story really helped and it's a relief to know I'm not alone. Thank you!

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