19 years old with severe dyskaryosis after being treated for cin1 6 months ago


I’m basically in complete meltdown mode and was hoping anyone that’s had a similar experience to me could shed some light on what’s going on.

My story so far is… a year ago I had my first smear. 6 months ago I was treated for an ectropion and cin1 with cold coagulation. I went to my check up smear just two weeks ago. Then I get a call from the hospital (not even my local) to say I’ve been booked in as a priority for a coloscopy in just 4 days time. Then of course my lovely ’ you have severe dyskaryosis but it’s probably not cancer’ letter came.

I know people will say that it’s pre cancer and not to worry but the fact I’ve been rushed through the system (last time I waited 6 weeks for a coloscopy) and the fact I’ve had treatment that shouldve sorted my cells is making me think the absolute worst.

Can lletz even be on the cards so soon after I’ve been zapped?

So basically if anyone’s been treated and had it hit back 2 grades worse in 6 months Id love a chat. Or just in general anyone that could potentially help me out!

Sorry for a bit of a whingey dramatic post. I do appreciate that some people on here are having incredibly difficult times. Big hugs to you brave people xxxx

Exactly the same as me...treatment for persistent low grade abnormality , nothing abnormal found they said. 6month check up has found severe abnormalities. He couldn't see anything on the colposcopy so I'm having an MRI on Tusday and go back to the hospital in December.  its horrible isn't it ?