19 and a scared nervous wreck

I went to my gynecologist to actually change my birth control to an IUD because the nuvaring started causing me problems as well as my dad wanting me to get one. Being at a college and in a new town, I had to find a new gynecologist and she wanted to take a pap smear which was needed before she could implant an IUD. My pap smear was scheduled on a Tuesday and my IUD insertion was scheduled for the following Thursday. They put a rush on my pap smear and I got a call that Thursday morning. That was when I recieved the news that my papsmear came back abnormal and they still wanted me to come in for my appointment to get a colposcopy instead of the IUD. First off I was nervous because I had no idea what a colposcopy consisted of. After looking up what a colposcopy consisted of I went into my appointment with a positive attitude and relaxed. My gynecologist was amazed at how relaxed I was and I told her I was going to let myself get down and I wasn't going to worry until I got negative results if that was the case. Honestly, I had no discomfort during the biopsy part of the colposcopy, although it burned when she applied the stuff to stop the bleeding. A week later I recieved a call saying I had CIN3 and discussing the options to remove  the cells. Throughout the phone call with my gynecologist and the phone call to my parents I was fine. I was fine for a few days after, no stress and looking at everything in a positive light. At least it's not cancer yet and it was caught early enough. My mom was diagnosed with an early stage of cervical cancer and was able to be treated. Of course throughout this whole process she was freaking out which was not helping me at all. I have a scheduled LEEP procedure in two weeks. With the procedure being right around the corner I am stressed and a scared nervous wreck. I slipped into a depression state for the past two days. I feel a little better today but I'm terrified that when I get the procedure that they won't remove all the cells. Plus added stress of my college finals being the same week of my LEEP procedure is not helping me at all either. Thanks for reading. 

Hey, im sorry you are having such a rubbish time at the moment, its not fun being female sometimes!!

Firstly you need to remember you do not have Cancer, the cells that are being discarded with the Leep or Lletz as i call it are pre-cancerous, these could change over time not immediately.I have had two Lletz procedures and have still had no good result so am currently having to go down a different path, but for yourself young and im asssuming no children yet, the cells will be treated accordingly and you will be cell free, Try not to worry, i know this is rubbish advice but you are in the best hands and this will all be dealt with soon.

Chin up and good luck xx