18 years old and have alot of symptoms. Help?

Hi, i was quite reluctant to post on a forum but i just dont seem to be getting any answers or thoughts anywehere else,

so i thought id ask people who may be experiencing the same thing or have been through it.

Im 18 years old and ive been having the following symptoms for roughly 12-18 months now:

- Bleeding after sex

- Pain during sex

- brown discharge

- sharp, stabbing pains in lower tummy and back

- Lower stomach hurts to press and often becomes quite hard and swolen.


I have been to my GP and she examined me down below using a speculum or whatever it is called lol. She said i had cervical ectropian (i think thats what its called), which could be causing the bleeding. She also carried out various tests for sti's and bacteria which all came back negative.I have also been refered to a gyneachologist but haventhad an appointment through yet. Im not that concerned at the moment because i just seem too young for it to be anything nasty or serious. I just dont seem to be getting any answers. Stomach pains have become worse lately aswell.

I Would like to here anyones thoughts or opinions on what it might be? Should i be worried?


If you were worried enough to go to the doctors I would keep pressuring them to get you an appointment. Always better to get checked early if you have symptoms you have described otherwise you will be waiting till your 25 (in england) for a proper smear x