18 when diagnosed with cin1! - update and confused!

Hi, all very new to this! I had just turned 18 when i had my first colposcopy appointment seeing as i was refused a smear test because i was too young. The test came back with me having cin1 which obviously sent me into panic mode not knowing what it was or what could become of it! I now understand problems including early menopause have effected both my gran and mum, my mum finished the menopause at 37 and it just worries me now all these issues have started with me and am i likely to go through the change early? My next colposcopy appointment is december 11th 2014, im terrified as knowing last time i didnt cope well, any advice and help would be very much appreciated, thank you x

Hi ells, I know you are worried at the moment but please understand that CIN1 really isn't much cause for concern. The cervix goes through natural cell changes and the doctors wouldn't treat cin1 as it is highly likely to go back to normal. I would assume that they will monitor you. May i ask what symptoms you had in order for them to proceed with colposcopy? It's  Cin2, cin3 or cgin that would warrant treatment. Just listen to your docs in the meantime. You are in good hands and they will take good care of you. Luv Shaz x

Thank you shaz for the reply, my first colp was last year and i went to the doctors with abnormal bleeding, and pain in the belly area they did a smear but never sent it to the lab becoz of my age so then went for an ultrasound nothing was found and then referred to the hosp where they did a colp and found cin1 x

Hi ells, I had a talk with my Gynae as I have a daughter not much younger than you and they she said that it is very common to have these cell changes but as I thought, cin1 usually isn't treated due to it returning to normal. They will monitor you and you can be safe in the knowledge that they are keeping an eye on you. I know it's hard but please try not to worry. keep us updated after your next check. Sending you positive thoughts and best wishes. Luv Shaz x

Aw, i guess thank you for the thought of me when asking your gynae, hope all is well with you? its just the sitting and waiting whilst the symptoms are ongoing so you know it may still be there and might well be for a few years, do you wreckon mentioning early menopause within the family would benefit at my next colp just so they have it on record? I hate to think this is just the start of the rest to come! Its nice to have someone to speak to that understands all of this and offers great support and advice, i will update you after next weeks app, thank you shaz for being so kind xx

Ok, so went to my colp appt today and no biospy was done only a smear, the cin1 is still there and i was told i will likely just be monitored by my GP, and have regular smears - she did mention about having heat treatment on the lining of my cervix (cervical erosion) which would mean to change contraception as staying on the evra patch will reverse the goodness the heat has done, i just want to know more about this and if anyone has had it done and what it entails as i have about 3 weeks to decide, the heat treatment will not get rid of cin1 its purely for the cells to be removed - my cin will be monitored and now awaiting smear results xx