18 and confused

Hi, I hope I'm in the right place.


In December 2014 I went in for my yearly check-up and my Pap results came back "abnormal". I went in at the end of Dec and had a colposcopy done. Those results came back in 2 weeks and went I went in to talk with my doctor she spoke and spoke and spoke and I was so scared that I retained none of the logistics. I do know that she categorized my results as a "Level 1" meaning, the colposcopy results were also abnormal but didnt want to do any treatment right away. She said that since I am young, even though i am HPV positive, that the cells were likely to clear themselves up. 


I go back in a few weeks but I'm starting to worry. 


Does anyone know what I should expect? Do you think it would be common for them to clear up on their own? She said if the abnormalities got worse, then we would pick a treatment option from there. 


Thank you

Hi there

There are 3 levels of abnormalities that they identify in smear tests: CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3. CIN1, which is what you have, is the mildest. According to my doctor, changes at this level will often revert to normal on their own, so they don't treat them, just monitor them to make sure that they do go away.

I can't remember what percentage of CIN1 she said goes away naturally with no treatment, but it was a lot!

With a bit of luck when you go back for your check up all will be OK again and you won't need any treatment.

All the best

Hi Megan,


First off please do not worry! You are in safe hands with your doctors. There is every chance those cells can clear themselves up as they are level 1. I had level 2 (CIN2) cells which the doctors wanted to treat.


I had lletz treatment (which I think is the most common of all the treatments) So I imagine if, by chance, you do need treatment, you shall have the lletz treatment. It sounds scarier than it actually is. It is a heated loop which I believe they use to burn off the bad cells. The only painful bit of this procedure is the injection you get. Some people have it done under general anaesetic, however I had local anaesetic. They inject it directly into your cervix, which is slightly painful and uncomfortable, but after that injection you shouldn't feel a thing. And the treatment takes like 5-10 minutes. So it is over really quickly. 


The worst part was the anticipation of what was to come, whilst waiting for appointments. The fear of the unknown! But honestly it is not so bad. It over before you know it. However as you are young, there is every chance it could clear up on its own. Jo's trust has helped me throughout my whole ordeal and has been very comforting and reassuring. So any questions, don't hesitate to post as they'll always be someone who can answer your questions!


I hope this helps! & Good luck