17 years after treatment for abnormal cells high grade has come back?

Hi I am getting worried , years ago ( around the age of 19) I had a couple of treatments for cancerous cells,

after I was given the all clear,  I was tested regularly and put back up to 3 year tests!!!!, 

unfortunately with moving and my job I left it  over five years!!! ( my last one was2009) for my smear , ( now 20014 ) 

After having symptems of abdominal pain after sex, blood in urine, urine was tested and found to have lots of white blood cells ti,  and increased smelling discharge I had a smear test witch has come back again with high grade dyskarosis! !!, 

WhatsWhats the next step from here? Will I have the same teeatment as last time?? ( witch was laser and the and loop I think,  

And why has it come back? I thought that it was 100 percent successful that it wouldnt re accure, 

Sorryfor the rant just scared and needed to talk, 





Hi Melissa,

It must be horrible facing this scenario the second time around, I am so sorry for you. 

But cancer is not like measles, having it once doesn't make you immune from ever getting it again, more's the pity :-(

I'm sorry I can't give you any advice about what happens next, your Doctor or gynaecologist will have to answer that for you, but if you just want to talk we are here for you.

Be lucky


I think the next step is a colposcopy, where they will take biopsies, when the results come back they will call you in to tell you what has been found. If you have cin 3 they will probably give you a lletz, large loop excision of the transition zone. That then will be sent for tests, and you will hear back within 10 days.

Sometimes they give a lletz for cin 2 all depends, however for cin 1 I think they call you back 6 months later, to check if it  has resolved