16 months post treatment

Having a bad night needed  a moan sorry ladies  i still ache everyday  some more than others I still feel shattered  never  wake up  feeling refreshed still up to the loo at night sometimes  once sometimes 4 or 5 times I'm really om a downer lately feel so alone I keep snapping  at my partner  all the time any one else like this x

Could it be the menopause causing you to be snappy? Perhaps chat to your GP.

I'm not surprised you're tired getting up so often in the night. Are you watching what you are drinking? Coffee and tea make you wee more so if you drink it after about 6 pm it might be worth cutting down xxx

I don't drink  coffee  n  on a average day only have one green tea of a morning im going  to gp  Friday cuz it my day off I did read mood  changes r a sign of menopause