16 days post lletz

Hi all, I thought I hadn't bothered you with any posts for a while so here I am!

I had LLETZ 16 days ago and starting to feel more normal, despite an infection.

I was told 3-4 weeks until I get results in the form of a letter.

Is this always the case?

Ive seen on this forum that some people have recieved phone calls in the second week if their results require more treatment or discussed further.

And on the contrary, that letters have been recieved with just follow up appointments in 6 months.

Has anyone had treatment at leicester general hospital and could anyone please give me some insight as to how they let you know results, good or bad?

The more time passes, the more I think it will be good news but I also want to stay grounded and be prepared. 


I'm glad to hear your starting to feel a little better now.

I think each hospital is different. Mine doesn't discuss over the phone and they like to have you in and talk face to face whatever the outcome if it's abnormal. Mine were quite slow with results but since I've been I  today things will move quite quickly

I had my results fasttracked from my biopsy so the fact yours haven't been may be a good sign from what they could see if there was nothing of major concern. If your biopsy was clear previously this is also another good sign. Please remember pre cancerous does not mean cancer.

I'm thinking of you and hope you get your results soon and they are ok. 


thank you haylesd, i hope youre doing ok.

im not sure if my lletz biopsy has been fast tracked or not? just told that they would take 3-4 weeks. its been 3 weeks nearly. 

how long did it take for you to get your letter? from your signature, it looks like well over a month between your lletz and getting your results. 

i keep going between 'what will be will be' and 'oh my god what if its bad news.' haha


sorry for the delayed respone, ive only just seen this! My results were back in just over 12 days, but I went on my summer holiday for 3 weeks and had to arrange my apointment otherwise I would have been seen much quicker. 

"i keep going between 'what will be will be' and 'oh my god what if its bad news.' haha"  yep, been there myself, still am now really. I just keep thinking that even if it was further advanced there is so much treatment you can have and if its caught at the right stage you can fight this thing

good luck, hope thye come through soon for you.


I feel like I'm stalking the postman at this stage. Always watching for him, waiting by the door if I see him walk towards the house. But still nothing yet. I was told 3-4 weeks and its just over 3 weeks now. Hopefully they keep to their timeframe!

How are you feeling about your hysterectomy? x

I was wondering if you’d had your results yet roodlechoodle! Hopefully not much longer xxx

hi Lotty. no i havent had anything yet! The nice postman will be making his rounds in the next couple of hours though so fingers crossed! although with it being friday 13th, im a little nervous, and im not usually superstitious haha. 

i hope your recovery is going well! take care x