15 year gap!


I was treated about 15 years ago for cin3. My recent smear came back borderline and Hpv positive although strain unknown. Obviously I am very worried, and I keep thinking that maybe they didn't get it all first time round. Has anyone else had such a big gap? 

Hi Benjy,

15 years is a long time so i wouldn't of though it would be anything left over from when you were treated for CIN 3. Thats what the follow up smear is for to make sure the treatment has been succesful and that all the abnormal cells have been removed, i would of though that you have just contracted the HPV virus again over the last few years and it has stared to change the Cells or the HPV has just been Dorment ever since but im No Expert. What i do know though is that Bordeline changes are nothing to worry about they'll most likely go back to normal on there own and you'll just be monitered. Are you on 3 yearly Smears or yearly Xx

Hi ,

I have had problems for the past 8-9 years and thought all was good have been having yearly smears after treatment . I have had 3 clear ones till this year and had same exactly same as you .I had colposcopy and had 3 biopsys 5 weeks ago now so waiting for results im not too worried as i know im in good hands but you always think its over and then it pops back up. Fingers crossed all is ok for you , have to say this site is great and helps a lot reading others situations.

Take care xxx




Thank you ladies. I hope all ok with you. X