15 weeks post treatment,little bleeding after sex,recurrence?

HI its been 15 weeks ,so far i feel good despite of the pains in lower back,hips and legs.
Im using dilator 3x a week to prevent stenosis but of course sometimes me and husband is trying to bring back our normal sex life,but i just noticed, but not always that i have little bleeding after sex.im afraid that this is recurrance or just because im not yet totally healed inside or maybe because my husband is using condom and im not that wet anymore and the rubber condom causes the bleeding…
Pls.share if you experience the same.


Hello Jhassie,
I finished teatement well over a year ago and still experience bleeding using my dialator and after sex. My oncologist says that it is quite common and even after a year the body will still be trying to repair itself. It’s still important mention bleeding to your oncologist just to be on the safe side.

Thanks Michelle,

      atleast now i know there are still experiencing something even its already yrs post treatment...

I too have undergone chemoradiotherapy and brachytherapy, 5 months ago. (stage 2b) - up until week 16 no issues with dilators and for past two weeks more than spotting bleeding when I use.

This ofcourse is very anxiety provoking 

michelle - how long did bleeding with dilator continue until - has it stopped by now? did you do anything different? was bleeding medium or just spotting, thankyou so much for posting your experience