15 Days post LLETZ


I had the LLETZ procedure carried out 15 days ago with a local anaesthetic -that is all my local hospital offers. This is the second time I've had treatment as 18 months ago I had CIN 2 decided to have LLETZ and was recalled for another smear 12 months later to find I have CIN 2 boarderline CIN 3.

I bled at the time and then had a good bleed as I was leaving the hospital which meant I had to go straight back in so they could stop it (it was all very dramatic and could only happen to me) wink but it was resolved quickly and I left the hospital shortly afterwards being reassured all was well. 

I have since had awful cramps that are really low and going into my back they are still happening and I'm starting to question whether I should still feel like this? I have to admit I had a little cry yesterday as I was so fed up of feeling crappy. Although I am still working and going about my daily business - because I'm a chick and that's what we do ha it's just really starting to get to me!! I've not bled at all throughout but my discharge is a browny green colour (it does not smell) but this is still the case. 

To be honest I'm just looking for some reassurance really as this is nothing like last time?!

Has anyone else experience this? How long did it last? 

Sorry this is so long, I've not posted on here before so I hope this is ok xx


I had 2 lletz procedures under local anaesthetic within 6 weeks of each other, the 2nd was a more invasive lletz with top hat procedure.

My experience after both was different.

After my first I had a watery browny discharge for 10 days, then got bad cramps and a heavy bleed with clots. This settled after a day but I continued to have moderate period like bleed for a further 2 weeks.

After my second I bleed immediately and this continued for 4 weeks. I had cramping on and off, pretty much like period pain throughout.

Like yourself I worked through all of this.

I think what I’m trying to say is it sounds normal. I think the cervix gets very irritated by the lletz/leep procedures and this causes cramps while it’s healing. If you have an offensive smell or feel flu like that may indicate an infection.

Hope you heal quickly xxxx

Thank you so much for your reply! I’ve been totally fed up this week so hearing it’s all normal is reassuring!