14mm removal and pregnancy

In May 2023 I had lletz treatment to remove 14mm. I had consultant remove it as the area was apparently too large for the gynaecologist.?!

Now, I am pregnant and have been reading up on the risks following treatment. apparently anything over 10mm is at a greater risk of a late miscarriage or prem birth. This has obvs left me feeling incredibly anxious as 14mm seems like a large chunk to remove.

I wondered if anyone else had the same issue and managed to have healthy pregnancy. Xx

I had the lletz procedure at the beginning of April. The registra that went through the consent form with me explained that if I were to get pregnant again extra precautions would be taken to monitor the progress of the pregnancy. One of the things he mentioned was measuring the cervix to make sure it is doing what it is supposed to. He also mentioned that there would be things they could do if it wasn’t but I’m afraid I don’t remember all the detail.
Make sure your doctor/midwife are aware that you had the procedure and of your concerns. They should be able to talk this through with you and make a plan to monitor it.