13 years post LEEP and bleeding

Hi guys. This is my first post here and I am not sure if I am posting in the right place or not so bear with me!


So, 13 years ago I was diagnosed with having abnormal, pre-cancerous cells in my cervix. I underwent a LEEP  procedure and since then every pap has been normal. 


 The health guidelines have changed within the United States and they are now suggesting that you get a Pap only every three years, so I have not had a Pap smear in nearly 3 years. 


 Recently however, I have began to bleed when I have bowel movements and after sex. I do have pelvic pain but I am assuming that it is related to another issue that I have, interstitial cystitis.  


 I went to my gynecologist recently and he said that my cervix had small cuts on it, but I appeared healthy otherwise.  He prescribed me an estrogen cream which seems to have worked and the bleeding has stopped. 

His explanation for the bleeding is that the scar tissue from the LEEP procedure is more fragile. This doesn’t explain what actually CAUSED the bleeding, however.

 I’m scheduled to have an ultrasound after my next. And then a Pap smear later this summer. 

Anyhow, my mind works overtime and I worry that something else is going on. Has anyone else ever experienced  cervical bleeding this far out from a LEEP?

Me!  I have had cervical etroptioan twice which present those symptoms and polyps which present those symptoms.  Am spotting at moment but had two smears last year and have had scans and have been told that all is ok.  It is driving me mad.

Goodness! I can imagine why it would drive you mad! Is teh etroptian and polyps something that could be seen upon an exam? My gyno said that my cervix looked "healthy" aside from the small tears and bleeding. He described the tears as being the size of a pencil dot on a paper. I can't believe he could even see them. At any rate, the estrogen cream did work and now I'm scheduled to have an ultrasound next Monday.. so hoping everything is good! Thanks for sharing your story. This stuff is enough to drive one mad!