13 years of this! I think it's time.

So it’s now been 13 years of dealing with abnormal cells! High grade, laser, low grade, back up to high grade, cone biopsy, low grade, high grade… Now I’m going in for a talk with my dr. Is it time for a hysterectomy? A year and a half after cone biopsy, intercorse before my period time causes major bleeding and cramping.
Still bad cells showing up but now higher in the canal… Grrrr. 13 years!! Dr said my cervix looked nice after a year and a Half of cracking since my cone biopsy, but for some reason my cells are still abnormal.
You know how many colposcopies that is? Minus the year I had where things were looking up… At least 20! I’m guessing next Thursday will be my sit down for the hysterectomy talk. As much as I think it is a good decision, I have 2 children and not a lot of money! I know health is more important but it sure spins your head!
Any advice??