12 years of this now....

Hi guys,

So I've been dealing with this for 12 years now. 

I had my first smear at 22 in 2009. It came back HPV positive and CIN3. I had a LLETZ procedure.

In 2010 I had another smear. Same results and another LLETZ procedure.

In 2011 I had another smear and had CIN1. They wanted to wait and watch.

In 2012 I had another smear and had CIN3 and had another LLETZ procedure.

In 2013 I had a clear smear.

In 2014 I had CIN1 again. They took a biopsy and decided just to watch and wait.

Between 2015 and 2019 I had a smear every year. Some were clear and some were not but even the ones which were not clear were only low grade cells so they just wanted to continue regular smears and wait and watch.

In 2020 I had a smear and was diagnosed with CIN2 and still HPV positive and referred back to colposcopy.

I went to colposcopy today. They had real trouble getting a good view of my cervix which they said was because of all the scar tissue. Eventually they got it and said they could see some white areas but didn't think they were high grade. They took 3 biopsies and said when the results came back they would be discussed at a multi-disciplinary meeting to discuss next steps because I've had so many procedures before. They said I might need another LLETZ but at some point the only option left would be a hysterectomy. However, they said they wanted to avoid a hysterectomy for as long as possible with me because I've had 3 Caesarean sections and apparently that can cause complications with a hysterectomy. 

I wondered if anyone else has been in a situation similar to mine. I hate to moan because I know there are people so much worse off but I just feel a bit drained after dealing with this for so long now ?


Teresa x

Hi Teresa, 


Gosh what a long time having to cope with all of this. 


I'm afraid I'm completely new to everything but I just wanted to pop by to surround you with love. 


Have you tried the ask the, expert option on here, or alternatively there is also a forum search bar which I've found particularly helpful ? x

Thank you, I'll have a look at that. Hope you're doing okay. The start of this journey can be a little overwhelming with all the new information etc. X