12 Weeks Post Trachelectomy!

Hello all you lovely ladies

I do hope you're doing ok.

i thought I'd do a little post about how I'm getting on... when I found out I was having a trachelectomy i couldn't find much information, seems it's becoming more popular recently! 


Well I can't quite believe I'm 12 weeks post op today.. I'm still not quite back to the old me but I'm so close now!! I went back to work 6 weeks ago, and now it feels like I was never away. Right back in there! Im not suffering any discomfort just occasional swelling.. Apparently this is quite normal and it could also be due to my hormones going crazy! Going to try a little bit of gentle exercise this weekend to see if this helps.

 My scars... Only one annoys me on my right side, more because I can still feel it healing and my internal stitches are abit itchy! 

My consultant told me to go back on the pill this month and after abit of umming and ahhing I decided to! It will also help my periods to become abit more stable! They're generally ok just abit erratic! Plus I'm not allowed to even consider babies until 2 clear smears.

i had my first check up the other week and although it wasn't my proper one my consultant was pleased :) and I go to see him again next month for a smear.. It was weirdly really nice to see him! I wasn't worried and im looking forward to putting these weeks, months and years between me and my cancer experience!


i've met some amazing ladies on here and I want to say thankyou to every one of you that has helped me through this, I feel blessed!


Em xxx

Fab to read ur good news!!

cant believe u were back at week after 6 weeks, how did it go? Did u go back full time? Do u have a physical job? Well done u!

fingers crossed for ur two cleR smears, then it baby planning to start? If so, mucho luck for that too!

fab to read stories like urs. And u have given so much support to others on here I have seen over the past few weeks.

continue to enjoy life!

xxx dons


Hey Em,

Great post. Such positivity from you as always. You have done so well and are such a great support especially to those going through a trachalectomy. As this procedure isn't as common as the hysterectomy it's great you have shared your story and experiences on here. You were also my buddy going through our ops at the same time!  You will make a lovely Mummy one day. Xxxx


Hi EmJess,

So pleased you're doing well and I'm so glad you retrun to the site to provide these updates for newcommers to find hope in. I think it's easy to return to 'normal' life after treatment and find less time to visit the forum - and I 100% understand that - but I think it's important to come back and share your story, it gives others hope and ffocus.

Keep up the positivity! I took up running a few months post op and am now doing races, run with a group each week, and have made heaps of new friends. I know you used to run so maybe time to get back to that, slow and gentle to begin.

Loads of love you you x x x x x

Hi EmJess!

So nice to hear such a positive story! I wish you all the best and hopefully you can start trying for babies soon ;)

Lots of hugs, Jelena xxxx