12 month smears... Your results advice

hi guys,


its coming up to my 12 month smear test

I had low grade dyskariosis February this year  on my cervix and vagina with hpv  

no treatment at the time, just another smear in 12 months  


what was your results a year later? Did hpv clear? Had your cin/hpv gone or got worse? 


All your our thoughts and views are widely appreciated. 

Hi sweetheart,

I think it can go either way, and I think that more often than not it clears itself up.

Be lucky


The results of all my previous Cervical Smear has been normal until now that I am 66 years of age.  I been diagnosed with CIN1 and receive no treatment but to wait 12 months for a retest. I am worried because I still have abnormal discharge 8 weeks after Colposcopy. Been to my GP, had a High Vaginal Swab but result was normal and still not treatment.  Who or where could I seek further help? Can anybody advise what I should do?