12 day period - please help, so worried!

Hi guys - HELP please! 

My period this month was 4/5 days late & I’ve now been on it for 12 days... I am SO worried.

I went to the doctors & she took my stats and said all good and did a quick little stomach examination & said oh it may be inflammatory pelvic disease or around 5 other things, gave me antibiotics and literally waved me out... 

It’s normally on time and only lasts maximum a week. The blood is still bright red, it’s not loads and I did have really bad pains in my pelvic area but they seem to of died down now... I’m 26 and have had my period since I was 12 and it’s never lasted longer than a week before...

I had a smear test 18 months ago that came back CIN 2 and had a loop lletz treatment that came back clear and had worked they said and I am due another smear this Wednesday. 

 The pain a lot is better the past few days with still a bit of cramping (not normal period cramps?) but now it’s day 12 of my period and I only bleed when I go to the toilet and sit down and it's not mixed in with my urine. 

Has anyone experienced something similar? 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am past myself. Thank you so much xxx

Hi Livemmo,

I am hoping all your worries are far behind you now; I know how worried you must of been.

I'm in the exact same boat, but just approaching 10 weeks of non-stop bleeding. I'm starting to panic and can't put up with it much longer.  The hospitals are closing their doors for all operations for possibly 3 months, and I am fearful something serious is going on.

I have no idea what is causing mine at the moment, but the doctors don't seem bothered.

I do hope yours has now cleared up.

Best wishes CC41