111 Helpline

Hi Ladies,

Sorry this is more of a rant than anything as I can't believe the phone call I actually had with the NHS 111 Helpline this morning.

I've got a few symptoms of an infection following my Lletz last week (heavy bleeding, fever, odoured discharge) so I tried to get an appointment with my GP today but they couldn't fit me in. I figured rather than go to the Walk In Centre I would call 111 and ask for advise on whether I would be ok to wait until tomorrow.

Got through to a woman who asked me a series of questions to do with my heart rate, any pain I was in and then asked what the problem was. I explained that I'd had the procedure last week to remove abnormal cells on my cervix to which I was asked, where is your cervix, is this a skin wound?? What kind of people are they employing on this helpline? I understand that they won't all be medical professionals but surely they should have to have some sort of medical knowledge or at least something in front of them they could refer to in situations like this.

Then she went over the top and said she wanted to send an ambulance so I told her it wasn't necessary and I rang the colposcopy clinic. Luckily I finally reached somebody helpful and they called my GP and told them they had to fit me in this morning so I have an appointment shortly.

I just can't get over that these people who are supposed to be giving out medical advise aren't even aware of certain areas of the human body!

Sorry for ranting I just needed to get my frustration and shock out! :)

OMG what a joke that just got me so mad reading that and it was a woman if I was you I would make a compliance arrrrr xxxx

Hello Fiona - I'm not in the slightest surprised!  I rang my doctors surgery a while back,  to get them to go over my smear results for me.  Now, the girl who takes the call has access to your results & when you ring up, you are put through specifically to her extension number, for results.  This could be results for anything, blood tests, poo tests, etc etc etc.  Now, she started to read the results to me,  - she couldn't pronounce half the terms on there!  I asked her to spell out the words - surely that would help?  That was ok for a couple of words, then it got too difficult for her.  She said to hold on, she'd get the nurse.  Heck, she couldn't understand the report either!  Where do they get these people indeed?  If somebody has access to my results I bloody well want that someone to be able to read them out to me.  She ended by saying I'd have to speak to the doctor to get them explained - unbelievable.

Sounds like I'm having a rant now too! but I just thought I'd let you know you're not alone in your frustration!


oh my days! really indeed these places are getting worse arent they. i actually just laughed at the thought of a woman not knowing what a cirvix was. even if you have not had a baby any woman past puberty should know this.  i was wondering too fiona about lletz i have had the odd little bleed but started my 1st period y.day since my lletz 2weeks ago, and it is very heavy an more painful than usual. i am just waiting to see if it gets much worse thyen think about going docs. i have been getting a little light headed though. hope everything goes ok with you x