11 week wait!!

Hi ladies, 

i am new here but have been lurking since I got that dreaded letter through the door!  I had my usual smear in March which came back abnormal with a repeat smear booked in for 6months later. The results for that again came back abnormal. (I haven't been told any more information on the degree of abnormality) I then received the letter to go for colposcopy, so of course i googled liked mad and have scared myself silly lol! This appointment was 7weeks after appointment letter. 


Was supposed to go on the 7th November but i got a letter the day before telling me this has been cancelled and rescheduled for 10th December! 

I got myself all mentally prepared for this and can't help feeling angry that I will have an 11 week wait to be seen! Surely they can't leave me waiting so long! It's like torture lol! 

I have called the clinic and the nurse told me she will call if something sooner comes up but doubts it. I have an appointment with my gp later today so I can be tested for any other infection as I do have an odour from down there so would like to rule anything else out! Not really sure why I have posted, guess I'm just looking for reassurance and if I can somehow push to be seen sooner? 


Would just like to add how grateful I am to all you ladies who are going through things I can't even imagine, for reaching out and helping others! You are all amazing! 


Hi Amy


I hope I can reassure you by saying that if it was a high grade abnormality they would fast track your colopscopy. I found out my results from the smear were CIN3 on a Monday and my colopscopy was booked for the Friday. It may be that the cells are abnormal at the same grade as last time, but because they haven't rectified themselves, they might think they need to remove them just in case.

I completely empathise with the waiting being awful. You could make an appointment with your GP and they will explain the results in detail - mine went through my results and gave me lots of info and leaflets explaining CIN changes and what to expect at colposcopy.


Exactly what Tank86 said ^^^

I got diagnosed in September, Coloscopy and Punch Biopsy in October and Loop in November - all very quick because I am CIN3

If your cell changes were bad, you would not have had to get a 2nd smear first, you would not have had your appointment changed and you would not be waiting until December - Take this as good news that you probably have very minor cell changes.

Tails xx

Hi there, thanks for your replies. Went to my GP today and although she was useless in answering any questions I had she did tell me my first smear was low grade which makes me feel better. 

I think a lack of information and google can make you jump to all sort of conclusions lol! 

Thanks again ladies xx

Glad to hear you got some good news

Good Luck for December xx