10 years of std?? Help

I had my colposcopy today. I felt very uncomfortable about the whole situation and burst into tears about it all. Doctor put two lots of dye on my cervix, numbed me and burnt off all the stuff I guess that wasn’t meant to be there and took some for testing. I’m 27 and this was my first time having smear and colposcopy. Now when I was getting dressed my partner asked the doctor what he thought it would be, doctor replied “viral” my partner asked if it was given to her, he replied “yes, sexually”. For one I don’t think the doctor should of told him that, when I went into the room the doctor didn’t say anything to me, he just said it doesn’t look like cancer. Which for me was a relief. When I was 17 I dated this guy which cheated on me with two girls that I knew of. I immediately went to a clinic. He had given me genital warts, I was treated there and I had to treat my self with cream at home. I was defistated. I met my partner 2 years later, we have children together. My question is, could my kids have what ever was in my cervix? Will my partner need to be tested? And will it of caused any damage as its been 10 years when I was first exposed to the sexually transmitted disease? All my smear said was high grade. Results will be with me in 2 weeks time. My partner thankfully did know about what happened when I was 17. Could you imagine, he’d probably think I cheated on him!!

Hey why did you have the colposcopy? Did your smear results come back with CIN? 

I am no expert but I would think the doctor is talking about HPV and I believe anyone can carry this? it was definitely wrong for your doctir to say that to your partner as I'm sure it made your partner think all sorts of things. My husband certainly would. It would be handy for you to find a good definition of HPV  to give you and your partner a better understanding. X