10 years of smears, with abnormal results.

Ive had abnormal smears  results ranging from mild to high grade dyskaryosis for the past 10 years. every year or 6 months i build my self up for a normal smear result,

aand since 2005 ive had 2 . i have had so many colposcopy ive lost counts they have taken so many biopsy and ive had treatment and always hoped next smear will be clear,

YYet again smear 6 months ago Cin1 HPV positive, told to wait 6 months and see if it goes , Smear 5th Feb results back today High Grade Dyskaryosis,

bback at hospital for yet another coposcopy next Tuesday , ive had enough now and want to ask for a hysterectomy im just wondering if anyone else has had these problems for as long as mme and can you ask for a hysterectomy .

Hi Jackie

How frustrating! You seem like you have coped really well so far but we all have our limits!

There was a lady on here posting about this quite recently, she was of the same view as you, I think her name is Carol. Perhaps you could look up some of her posts and have a chat with her. It is a pretty unique situation to have this going on for so long and my heart truly goes out to you

Big hugs


Hi. I really feel for you. I’ve had abnormal results for 2,5 years now and I have constant low level anxiety because of it. I’ve had three treatments and the consultant told me that the next step for me would be a hysterectomy. It’s so hard to find information on this. I had assumed that everyone faces a hysterectomy if three treatments have been unsuccessful. How many procedures have you had?

Thank you for replying i think this has pushed me to my limits now i just need to have some closure and relief just to have a normal smear and i feel hysterectomy will be my answer .

I will look for the lady you mentioned thank you. x

I totally understand where your coming from , i have lost count of biopsy and colposcopys but i have also had 3 treatments , and my hospital appointment has come through very quickly

which at least i feel there keeping on top of it , but its another colposcopy, biopsy (im surprised there is anything left of my cervix , even the nurse commented on how much had been taken when she did my smear!!) and then depending what they find more treatment, but i am going to ask this time how much more do i have to take.

I dont want a hysterectomy but i feel its the only way. 

I have also struggled to find info regarding this matter and feel i have to ask on Tuesday.

Thanks for responding to my post its hard to talk to those close to you . i hope all is good for your next visit. x

take care.

Hi Jackie,

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I can relate to what a nightmare this all is, I've had abnormal results now for over 5 years and feel I can't cope with it any more. Like you, I've lost count of the coloposcopies and biopsies I've had, and I really dread those appointments.

There is very little info and support for ladies in our situation. I know that around 95% are cured first tile with LLETZ (lucky them!) but there still should be a bit more for us, in my opinion. It's no joke living with this nightmare, and I can understand what you're saying about needing relief. There is some info on Macmillan's site which is quite helpful, the link is  http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Cancerinformation/Testsscreening/Cervicalscreening/TreatingCIN.aspx

You can definitely ask for a hysterectomy. I already have done so and my consultant was open to discussing it with me, so hopefully you'll find the same thing. What has put me off was being told that cell changes can still appear in vagina afterwards (they watching an area of mine already but so far the biopsies haven't shown anything). But everyone's situation is individual. Some years back I was in touch with a lady through this site who had a hysterectomy, a clear vaginal smear afterwards, and as far I'm aware she's still doing well. 

I wish you all the very best x

Hi Twilight12,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post i sympathies with you too as we both no how hard this is to deal with year in year out.

I am normally a very matter of fact person but this has taken its toll on me and now i think my only option is to ask for a hysterectomy , but really not sure if they will but how many more years do i have to go through this torment, I did go for my smear earlier this time as i know my own body and something isnt right so i knew when the letter fell on my mat i would be back for a colposcopy. I usually say to my hubby hope its a thin letter this time !! He says what do you mean well if its thin no leaflets a clear smear!!

Thank you for the link i will be visiting that page after ive been on here.

I just hope Tuesday i feel better and no where im at.

Thanks again and fingers crossed you get a normal smear next time xx

Hi there,

My heart goes out to you. I am 25 and i am feeling the same as you. I had CIN3 and now have been told i am HPV+ 16 or 18 (finding out on the 25th March after my biopsy at what stage) aand i am thinking of having everything removed. I really hope that i am as strong as you to go back that many times and that that LLETZ so many time i dont think i can do it or take it. 


Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your good wishes. 

I feel for you with your appointment approaching, I understand how stressful and unpleasant they are. I find it gets harder with each one. Please bear in mind that if you're always enttiled to a second opinion if needed - and if you're not seen by the consultant and they are around, you have the right to ask to be seen by them. Info like that can useful to know (although you may already be aware). 

I'm sorry that you're having to go through the process of GP smear and referral to colposcopy. I'm kept under the hopsital and go straight to colposcopy for my smear and examination. As much as I hate colposcopies, I find it's helped having the one appointment - but how long for a clear smear. When I think of all the years I had clear smears and took them for granted ...

Please let us know how you get on Tuesday, and please feel free to PM me if you ever wish to.

Take care and good luck for Tuesday xx