10 year smear gap..severe changes n HPV

Hi I’m new here.
I stupidly left it about 10 years till I went for another smear. The results came back as high grade (severe changes) and HPV. Got a colopscopy appointment within a couple of days. The appointment was 11 days ago. At the appointment the ladies there were lovely and really put me at ease, husband was allowed in with me. She said it didn’t look that bad to what smear showed and said she’ll only remove a small bit during loop excision as we already said we were wanting to try for one more child, have 3 already. Felt quite relieved didn’t seem to be as bad as first thought. Got a copy of letter to doctor at the appointment and on it she put moderate changes. I am still really anxious about results coming back, worried that because I left it so long cc had time to develop, would they have seen this at colopscopy? Anybody else left it a while like me?

why do the results take sooooooo long! I feel like I cant plan anything and am waiting for postie coming but dreading every letter that comes through. it is driving me mad lol



I can actually go one better than that.  It had been 11 years since my last smear (not on purpose, I was not registered to a GP - yes it really has been 11 years since I've seen a dr!!! - so I was not getting any reminders.  I honestly thought it had only been 5 years).  I just got my biopsy results CIN2 and on six monthly smears.  To say I am relieved is an understatement.  I will be doing a full post on my original post just for any newbies doing a search so they can see the conclusion.  Hopefully you will have a similar outcome. 

Best wishes x