10 weeks no results?

29 Nov 2018 12:45


I was invited to attend a coposcopy clinic after 3 abnormal smears. My appointment was on the 19th September (10 weeks ago) they took two biopsys and I have had no results or contact from the hospital. I have been phoning and leaving messages continuously for the past 3 weeks as I was told 5 week wait for results. I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and really struggling to sleep as I'm so worried about the future. 

I've have been phoning my doctors secretary but most of the time it's rings out or when she does answer she just takes my name and number and says she will call me back but never does.

I've also spoken to my GP but have been palmed off by being told they don't deal with secondary care!

What do I do next?

Firstly - congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you are feeling well, apart from all this stress. 

Did you actually speak to a GP or receptionist? If so I would try another GP. They are generally/should be very understanding and will also get postal correspondance/results from the hospital.

Did you get a specialty nurse allocated at clinic? It may be worth trying to contact them if so. 

If you are UK based I would recommend contacting your hospital's Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). You should have heard by now. It may be something as simple as they are posting stuff to the wrong address but the PALS people should be able to explore that for you. It would be worth ringing the secretary back and letting her know that you are pregnant and now very worried, and that you will be contacting PALS to help try and get more information (seems mean but 10 weeks is a long time, may also help get your consultants attention).

This must be weighing on your mind terribly. Fingers crossed it's all reassuring. Good luck.