10 months after lletz

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same as me, I had lletz treatment under general anaesthetic 10 months ago and I'm getting irregular bleeding sometimes it's just spotting but other times it's worse. I had my 6 month smear and it came back normal. Im so worried.

Hi Lola, I haven't experienced anything similar as I am only 6 days post LLETZ treatment so I can't say I know what your going through exactly, but I do know how worrying all of this can be. If your 6 month smear came back normal then that is reassuring, however given your history and the fact that you are so worried about this - I would contact your GP or even your colposcopy clinic tomorrow for some advice. It may be that you need a gynae referral or it could be something unrelated - e.g. certain types of contraception can cause irregular bleeding.

Do go and get this checked though as otherwise you will just worry about it until your next smear.

Best of luck x

Hi Lola,


i had lletz 6 months ago after my first smear came back severe dyskaryosis and CIN3, terrified is not the word!!

after the lletz treatment they said they were 98% sure they got it all and to repeat smear in 6 months still waitin) after the lletz i felt fine, had 3 weeks blled and waited 8 weeks before being inimate with my husband, everything seemed fine, then 10 weeks ago, i started getting a pink discharge after sex, its gradually got worse, my periods have been regular as clockworkand as normal as they ever have been but its still a worry.

after reading through alot of the comments and posts on here i feel i have to go back to drs now....


how are you doing???