10+ inconclusive smears in a row


I’m 28 years old I’ve had over 10smears in a row that have come back inconclusive after having a biopsy that came back with CIN1 in 2016 I havent Haven’t had a bad  a smear come back with a result since. ive seen so maybe nurses and doctors, i had a coloscapy yesturday it was so painful I was in tears she  another smear which was so painful (they never used to hurt) she said to me ‘This one could be the lucky one that comes back’ like havig over 10 smear tests is normal! I said I’m not hopeful I was told to be more positive! She continued with the examination and want to do a biopsy but I was in so much distrust and pain that the nurse hold my hand told her to stop. 

Now I have to wai for the near result and if it doesn’t come back I i will have to be put to sleep to have biopsy done... i just don’t no what to do anymore this has ruined my intermate side of my relationship that I am having to go to therapy and I feel like im not being take seriously for how I feel about this. I’m sick of being told your young is probably fine by Doctors it’s not good enough anymore I’m scared and in so much pain. 

My first smear come back abnormal When I was 25 I’ve tried to follow advice and get checked but I feel like I want to give up... I suffer with high functioning anxiety at the moment. I feel like I have no support 


many thanks for reading 


Hi Fiona,


I don't know how you've stayed sane, I'm on my third round of abnormal results and having had andeocarcinoma in situ in the past I'm very worried.

Sorry I don't have any advice, but you're not alone.




Hi Fiona 

Any updates? 

Had the results of my 16th smear which I was put out for (they was meant to take a biopsy but didn’t) inconclusive again.

had the standard letter to go for a coloscapy.

this situation has also destroyed my relationship now I see no end to this