1 year clear !!!! :)

hello ladies!

i'm super happy with this news today as I was in complete panic mode due to all the issues I've been having. They are all totally cause by chemo or rad. sometimes they go away and sometimes they stick around. My dr did mention that  1year post is when they see the most complaints related to the treatment. 


im still here one year later, a little wiser and a little more worn but there it is!!! 


now if I could just get rid of this cold...lol

hope you all are well

Yaaaaaay!!!congratulations......now breathe x

So happyyyy for you :))) congratulations :))

Amazing so super happy all is good :)) xx

That's really great to hear Lolli! A nice landmark to celebrate too - once you get rid of that cold! (That said, the reduction in stress hormones from pre check up worrying, will probably hasten it's demise now.) Yay!

Great news. :-) so happy for you.

This news made me smile! Really happy for you. 1 year is definitely worth a celebration! HUGS!

Rosie xx

Lovely news! Good luck getting rid of your cold too X 

Hi Lolli. I would never say " I told you so" as it applies to me too, but it's amazing how powerful the mind can be in convincing us something is wrong, when in fact it's just business as usual. I am so very happy for you and getting that year all clear is another major step towards the whole episode being behind you. Fantastic news!! Xxx hope the aches and pains go away now.


fab news 

here to many more years all clear 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Very happy for you...... Smile

Great news xxx

That's fabulous news! 

Anne xx

Fab news!! Xx

Yay dude! Many congratulations!
Thanks so much for being here for everyone! It's really appreciated!

Stay lucky!

Lovely news.

Hi there tivoli

ive been wondering how you are. I do trully miss your posts! i hope life has been treating you well and that you managed to stay somewhat cool in all the heat you have been having this summer. 

A huge hug to you


Hello Tivoli too! (sorry to hijack your post Lolli :) )

I have been wondering where you have been too! Hope you've been well. Nice to see you on here. You've been missed.


Rosie xx