1 year check up not 6 months?

Hi everyone 

so I got my results through and it’s came back as CIN 1, my consultant has said on the letter it may well go on it’s own so for now I won’t need surgery and I have a smear in 1 years time. 

From this forum and someone I know although hers came back as severe and needed treatment everyone’s seems to be a 6 month smear for the first one or two?

i did question it with my nurse and she said as I have HPV and it already seems to be going on it’s owb it can take up to 1 year for it to go and they’ve found 6 monthly smears can give false results as they haven’t given enough time and it’s costing them loads

I explained I was a bit concerned incase it doesn’t go but She said it’s such a slow process it wont  change to CIN 2 (if it did) between that one year 


so has anyone had a yearly smear instead? Thank you x

Hi Hallie, 

I think yearly is correct for cin 1 to give it chance to rectify itself. I got your message but for some reason it won’t let me reply.




I got an appointment for a year later as well following CIN1. However I'm quite keen to get another sets of results sooner as I've been taking a lot of supplenents so wanted to check if they worked. Just had another colposcopy through private after 6 months from CIN1. 

Doctor said initial impression was it could be CIN 2 so I was shocked. Need to wait for biopsy results to confirm...

I hope it hasn't pregrossed into CIN 2 in 6 months...