1 year check up inadequate and referred to colposcopy

As per usual I am reading into everything and panicking slightly. My second checkup since 1a1 last year came back inadequate. Letter from GP says I must wait three months for cervix to heal then book another smear. Letter from my consultant says she has referred me to colposcopy in a month (which is tomorrow). In worrying because the routine protocol seems to be that you don’t get referred to colposcopy until you’ve had 3 inadequate smears and I’m worried that she’s referred me so soon rather than waiting the preferred 3 months. Just confused. Fed up of things going wrong and can’t cope with the anxiety. I guess I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else, I know no-one can really give me answers I just need an outlet! It’s in my nature to expect the worst but I can’t keep doing that every 6 months as I would quite like to get back to normal soon! Any help or reassurance much appreciated,

Much love,
Jo xx.