1 year after trachelectomy - good news and thoughts on nutrition

Hi all,

Just wanted to share some good news as I know how people in the similar situation might be looking for it.

It’s been a little bit more than 1 year after radical trachelectomy, and 1 year after 2nd operation, and I passed today my 2nd scan - all clear!!

It’s not been an easy year: I had nodes showing up on CT in January, and PET scan didn’t confirm cancer, but you can imaging the stress:), the PET scan also saw some kind of the shadow up next to cervix, and surgeons thought it’s scarring. I also had LVSI detected after conization (though nothing in the rest of the cervix) and 38 nodes were took out during operation.

Having said this where I am right now after 1 year:

  • I still have puffiness around my pelvis. Doctors say it will not go, but I’m ok with that. I don’t do saunas or hammams in order not to provoke the situation, instead try contrast showers and apply cold wrappings from time to time. Yoga helped a lot, and I also tried LPG which helped a bit as well, but didn’t resolve puffiness completely. Ok, not a big issue.

  • I still think about cancer almost every day. But I also learnt to live in the moment - again yoga helped a lot. I come to yoga all worried, I leave yoga all calm after 1 hour. I started spending money as never before :slight_smile: and it’s great, because I learnt that future might not exist

  • I do quite a lot of sport. I started with yoga 4 months after trachelectomy, slowly increasing how many times I do it per week, than added gym and tennis. I try to do some sports activity every day. I don’t run though as don’t feel it’s good for me any longer.

  • I changed radically how I eat. One of the biggest questions for me was why my body didn’t take care of HPV before it was too late? I read enormous amount of scientific researches, also about cancer, and basically developed the following:
    … vitamin D matters a lot for immune system and HPV in particular. My levels were very low during the last 4 years, I made my doctor prescribe me the liquid form of it (the one you take once every 3-4 months), in addition to that I eat cod liver regularly
    … vitamin C matters a lot. I start my day with either 2 kiwis (=150% DV of vitamin C) or freshly squeezed orange juice, and also eat regularly bell pepper and broccoli (try to cook it extremely fast as cooking destroys vitamin c)
    …vitamin E and A matter a lot. My recipe is carrot with 1 tbs of wheat germ oil = daily dose of beta-carotene and vitamin E, I try to eat this almost every day
    … Omega-3 - I take 1.2g every day or eat sardines/salmon
    …I also read what’s effective for HPV in particular, and taking regularly indol-3-carbinol in capsules, and try to eat at least 1-2 times a week broccoli (2 mins on vapor), and garlic at least 1-2 times a week
    … I try to eat the least possible of sugar: no added sugar (extremely high quantity in everything pre-cooked), and also trying to keep fructose and lactose within 30gr for day … not easy but I’m tracking this …
    … I’m also taking from time to time baby aspirin - it’s helping against cancer, not really sure for cervical cancer, but will not harm :slight_smile:

I don’t take vitamins in the supplement form as there are quite a lot of researches that long-term take has either no effect or provokes other types of cancers.

I have no idea if it works, but it makes me feel better, so I continue.

I still have smear to do end of September, but at least things got cleared with scan.

Wish all best possible recovery, ladies, keep up going!

Glad to hear you are doing so well Liana! ;-)

Be lucky :-)

Hello Liana,

So pleased to hear your good news, such a relief for you. Thanks for going to the trouble of posting all the information on nutrition. Very useful Indeed. I know it takes a long time to do all that research so good on you, and all the best for the months to come.


im glad you have done a post. It's very good to hear how others are doing after some time has passed from there experience. It sounds like you have made some great new choices in your life and are enjoying the new things you have found like yoga. 

I hope you continue to find new things that will only make this whole journey worth while.  All the best. 

Thank you all, and for your support as well. I just hope it will continue like this