1 week wait for results


I have been lurking on the forum for the last week since I had my first smear. Like a lot of people on here the waiting has made me very anxious. 

I have been having symptoms for the last 6 months and numerous swab tests have come back negative so GP did my smear where I readily bled. After putting my trousers back on my Dr said that there were visual abnormalities but couldn't tell me what kind and to go home and wait for a colposcopy referral letter. 

The letter came the next day and the appointment was today - The fact it happened so quickly scared me a bit. But I have spent the last week reading up about the exam and what to expect and potential treatment/procedures done. 

I had the exam today and the Dr called the consultant in to have a look too - 3 biopsies of my cervix and 1 of my womb (endometrial biopsy) were taken. 

Go into a different room with the Dr and consultant for a debrief and was told it could be nothing (further investigations necessary), ectropian, pre-cancer or early stage cancer and made an appointment to see me next week to discuss the results and treatment options. All of this and I don't even have my smear results back. 

Has anyone else experienced such quick actions and referral/results time? I feel lucky that i dont have to wait weeks on end but at the same makes me feel that it is going to be bad news.