1 week post radical trachelectomy

I know these stories help people to understand what to expect, so I would love to share my post-op experience here ... and also ask some questions.


1 month ago i had a LEEP procedure and was diagnosed with CC 1a2 (written in docs) though the size is 1b1 (10mm surface and 7mm deep), so not yet sure why doctors put it as 1a2


I was referred to a professor who did around 500 of trachelectomy operations, and he also started talking about brachytherapy, as I have LVSI (lymph spaces only). However, while I decided to go for brachy as it gives 2% of recurrence, the doctors finally changed their mind: the PET and MRI scans all showed clear, and I had trachelectomy or hysterectomy as an option. Trach is 5% recurrence, hyst is about 4%. I opted for trachelectomy, but we agreed that during the operation the doctors will do everything to decrease recurrence.

Trachelectomy was done vaginally. Lymph nodes operation was laparoscopic.


I entered the hospital on Wednesday, had an injection into the cervix and 2 hours later had CT scan to see what lymph nodes took the radioactive material they injected. That was supposed to help surgeons during the operation.

On Thursday the operation was planned for 8am, I was waken up at 6, took shower, put on stockings, and was brought to the operation room. When I woke up my first thought was that they abandoned the operation as I felt nothing. Luckily the doctors came at this moment, said they kept my uterus, all went well etc. I was very nauseous because of pain killers, so spent 2 hours more in the 'wakening' room, before was admitted back to my room.


I had a cathether and perfusion till Saturday, didn't bother me at all. What bothered me was those gases they used during laparoscopy. Gosh! That was painful. On Saturday morning i was so painful that I decided to get up myself (they got me up once on Friday, was painful). Luckily they took out my cathether in the morning, to test how my bladder works, so it was a doable action. Later on Sat they took our perfusion as well and gave me pain killers in tablets (actually a paracetamol as I had a bad reaction to everything else)


Surprisingly to me, only gas was painful, everything else not. I passed urine test, I tried to walk around hospital at least 3 times a day, was progressing very quickly and left home on Sunday. My progress continued - 3 gr of paracetamol per day, mild laxative to help constipation (which continued till Tuesday, but doctors said it's ok), was walking more and more till 1 hours in total per day (in 3 times). The gas pain almost disappeared on Wednesday - walking really helped a lot.


However, on Wednesday the progress stopped. I started swelling in the pelvic area, and on Thursday and Friday was feeling pain 'there'. Mild pain but pain still - it's like I was beaten :) My belly is yellow all over, and my private parts (especially on the right) have red huge bruise on it, it's really swollen, freaks me out, and I don't know if it's within a norm??? I just think that I don't have any fever, so hopefully it's a normal process and I won't have complications over the weekend. Eventually I reduced walking as it hurts more right now, just had 2 x10 min today and 10 min yesterday, feel weaker than I was on Tuesday-Wednesday


Emotionally though it's still hard - not what I hoped for before the operation. I really thought that I will wake up with a thought 'i need to recover and it's over', but no - the fear is still there, very strong, up and down every day :( I'm waiting for my path results (in a week) to understand if I have a further treatment after that


Hope this story helps to those who are about to have a trachelectomy, wish you all the best!


Any stories on swelling and bruising will help me in advance - it's so intime, that I'm not even sure if I should call a surgeon or someone else to talk about my swollen private parts on the right? :)






Hi Liana,

So many thanks for writing this, I am sure it will help lots of women who have to face what you have just been through. I had to have a radical hysterectomy several years ago and I do understand how such an invasive procedure takes quite a long time to get over. The difficulty with gynaecological surgery (as far as I understand it) is that you get this terrible pain from there being gas inside you between your organs and the best way to get it absorbed is to walk around. But conversely the more walkng around you do the more swelling you get. I was absolutely terrified about my swollen undercarriage, I thought it was going to be hanging off me like a pair of baggy pants for the rest of my life. But no, it's perfectly normal, the swelling does go down. It will be OK, it just takes a bit of time.

Be lucky :-)

Hi there :slight_smile:
I had the same op as you 2 years ago now… I managed to get back to work (although not straight to full time) within 6 weeks but it took a good few months to find my new norm! I still get the odd twinge here and there now… As for your swelling and pain I would definately contact your surgeon or nurse … I was dosed up to my eyeballs on everything in hospital but needed no painkillers once I was home and got better day by day…
Take care… If you have any questions PM me as I don’t visit here too often now :slight_smile:

Emma x

Thank you I am having hysterectomy tomorrow so whilst not the same, I still found it very useful thank you.  

Hope your our results come back quickly, I can deal with pain but waiting is not a strong point for me! So big gentle hugs whilst you are waiting, pray it's good news for you. Xxxxxxxxxx