1 week post op

Hi ladies


Thanks for all the messages of support and also for advising me that I need to create a new post to get replies. Couldn't even remember my log in at first!!


So, had my radical hysterectomy on 6th Jan - last op of the day. I went down to theatre at 5pm and should have been back at 8pm but needed some extra pain relief in recovery bay, so I wasn't back on the ward until 9pm - poor hubby was pacing the floors by this point!  Op went very well - I decided to have my ovaries removed as well, as couldn't live with the worry of history repeating itself and consultant advised I was higher risk of ovarian cancer due to my mum's history. 

First few days were painful, very swollen and bruised tum but the hospital will get you up 24 hours after the op. Even if its just a quick wash and sit in the chair for an hour - all helps the recovery process! After a few days in hospital, I came home on Fri 10th with catheter strapped to my leg.  As lovely as the nurses were, still feels better being at home.  I went back on Monday 13th to have the catheter taken out and the nurses checked that my bladder was working ok.  Bladder is all ok and wound healing well. Hubby is still helping me with washing and dressing as can't do bottom of legs and back just yet.  Bless him he has been an absolute star and makes me glad to have him with me for support.

  It is one day at a time at the moment - trying to get the balance between what I can do and making sure I don't overdo it and get adequate rest.  Have read a few books since being home - keeps my mind busy and I get my results on Monday 20th.  At the moment I feel quite calm about the results. I kind of view it as a fork in the road on this journey. 

I have a weird dead leg at the top of left thigh at the moment. Apparently it's quite normal to have a bit of nerve damage and the consultant said it may or may not go, but the body will adapt to it.  Had a bit of pins and needles tingling there so we will see what happens.

I also had a very helpful nurse specialist assigned to me which has been really helpful in relation to talking about how we both feel about the situation. I have had a few teary days since the op and some days I feel ok about things - guess it will take time to come to terms with everything. Physical scars will heal quicker than emotional ones but it does help knowing that there are people on this forum who have been through it as well.

Well a bit knackered (again!) so time for a little siesta.  Thanks again ladies support is very much appreciated.

Love and hugs to you all

Sunflower lady xxxx




So pleased to hear you have come through the op OK.

I too had a numb bit at the top of my left thigh but I am now 3 months post op and although it hasn't gone completely it has definitely improved considerably.  The walking really helps when you are able to get out and start that.

Yes, I had tearful days too as do loads of the ladies on this site. It's a big thing to go through both physically and mentally.  I still have the odd time like that but it's a lot less frequent now.  Again the walks helped - they really lifted my spirits as well as helping physically.

I was addicted to reading in those early days, there's just so much daytime TV you can take!!

My hubby was brilliant too and still is - its a lot for them to go through as well. 

Will keep everything crossed for you for your results.


Cheryl, xxxx