1 week down

Hopefully less than 3 more weeks to go!
So tomorrow is a week since my lletz. I feel like I’m just wasting the days waiting for the results! Need to find something to keep me occupied!
Maybe I should take up knitting! X

Ooooo knit me a lovely big pair of pants and matching socks haha

How u feeling??


Ok I think. Have my moments! To be honest the past week has actually flown by but I do get a bit jumpy if my phone rings thinking it's bad news! Don't know why I'm so negative! 

I did have a week of feeling sorry for myself but trying to pick myself back up again and eat healthily again! Only so much chocolate you can eat! 



Mine has also been a week since I have had mine done and I am starting to get worried. I have been in more pain the last 3 days then I was just after having it done! I have also been bleeding at random times. Is this something your experieicing? 


Also! (sorry for the long message) if I am being honest I literally blanked out everything that was kind of said to me. The letter or call we get is that to explain what the cells were?


Apologies for all the questions just not sure where to go to!


Paige x

I've been bleeding every day since the treatment! Apparently it can last for the whole 4 months. I have period type pains, I thought I was on my period but I don't think I am! 

I didnt take much in either I was a little bit light headed after. after lletz they send off what they have removed for testing to see if there's anything sinister or whether they removed everything!

Horrible waiting isn't it! X

Hi Kayleigh!


Oh right so it's to see what was actually there. Oh god no one needs that!


Yeah I kept thinking I was on my period but im on the pill so it didn't make sense. You feel awful its like having a period constantly I feel massive and achy! 

I am happy knowing it is normal now :) Thanks!


Paige x