1 week after cold coagulation


I just wanted to update on how I’m doing after cold coagulation as I couldn’t find many people who had it done so it maybe useful for someone :slight_smile:

Today it’s been a week since the treatment and I have been absolutely fine! The treatment in itself was ok - nothing too uncomfortable.

I had period like pain that day and felt quite tired for a day or two - I’m putting that down to the stress of all of this and lots of uni work due this week too!

With regards to discharge - it started about 2/3 days after and it was like water. It has just started to change to a slight pink/yellow but only a small amount. I am due on my period this week so we will soon see how that goes!

Just wanted to post something in the hope that someone else, who is worrying over having this treatment, is maybe comforted in knowing that it is really ok!

Charlene xx