1 Lletz down, 2nd invitation


after 3 abnormal smears I was invited to a Colposcopy clinic. Resulted in a Lletz procedure and the results came back as CIN2. Was discharged back to my GP. Had my 6 monthly smear test a couple weeks ago and the results came through today. This says again I have abnormal results and need to go to the Colposcopy clinic again.

does this mean that the first Lletz was not successful? or do the abnormal cells grow again? if I have Lletz again, how many times can this be done?

any help appreciated 



Hi Lucy,

The same thing just happened to me. I had my colp today. Nurse said that I had been successfully treated and the area of the LLETZ looked healthy and clear of abnormal cells. She found a very small area of abnormal cells towards the edge of my cervix. She said they were only mildly abnormal and consistent with not complrely clearing HPV (which she said can take 2 years). She wasn't worried, said it was v low risk, and recommended a repeat smear in 12 months.

I said I'd rather have more treatment than risk it and she said she was confident it wasn't necessary.

Before the actual colp we dof discuss a second LLETZ if necessary. She said it would be fine to do it again if needed, although she did say that the risk of things like pre-term delivery in any future pregnancies increased slightly with a subsequent LLETZ. I believe you can have 2+ LLETZ procedures if needed.

I left feeling quite reassured. Hope it goes ok for you also.