1 cell found on Lletz sample

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I am a newbie on here - I have now had 2 X Lletz procedures under general anaesthetic - the first was in 2014, had three follow up smear tests and the third one a year after the Lletz was clear and the hospital sent me on my way, quoting 5 years , however I insisted on 3 years. So the 3 years was up June 2018 and I made an appointment with GP for smear, which the nurse could not do, so sent me to hospital - appointment in September, then called to colposcopy (no results sent) - lot of issues with the hospital so opted to go private - unable to do Lletz under local so had second GA 8/1/2019.  On 24/1/2019 went to get results and was so shocked to be told that they had removed the pre cancerous cells, but they had found in the centre 1 X very small cancer cell with no depth.  What shocked me most was the suggestion that I should have a hysterectomy. This sent me into crisis, so after a lot of talking to husband, family I have spoken to the consultant and said that I think it is too big an operation, especially as the letter I had from him after the meeting stated that there was no guarantee when they biopsied the removed womjb/cervix they would find anything further. This really did not sit well with me, and at this time I have opted for a follow up smear in June, and they are also going to do an MRI. 

Has anyone else found themselves in this situation? My head is spinning.

I had this,  though the cancerous tumour was bigger than you describe, but still Stage 1a1, so not too big. My recommended treatment was a further LLETZ, which they did,  unfortunately finding another small tumour. Hysterectomy was recommended,  strongly. In fact,  I wasn't given an option of no surgery,  just a delay in the case of me wanting to have another baby. Our family is complete so I had a hysterectomy in January.

There is a chance that they might biopsy your removed uterus and find nothing further, but there's also a chance there could be more. I was worried about recurrence too.

I know it's a shock,  and a daunting decision, particularly for women who want to have children,  but it does seem fairly standard advice for this set of circumstances. Have you asked your consultant what the long term picture would be without surgery? Can they give you examples of any other patients who have had similar? 

I hope the MRI gives you more answers,  and you are able to reach a decision that works for you.


I think it depends whether you have clear margins from your lletz. If there isnt then there is a possiblity that there are invasive cells further up the cervix. I have had 2 lletz treatments and because neither had clear margins I was sent for an MRI and it showed i have a tumour. I'm having a radical hysterectomy next week. But i think even if the MRI had been clear they would have offered me the surgery as they could not rule out that there wasnt anything untoward further inside the cervix. 


Yes, I agree with ladies above. Just because only 1-cell was found on the sample doesn't mean that there aren't other cells further up. What type of cell was it? I had glassy cell adenocarcinoma which is very hard to detect so it was very advanced when it was discovered despite negative smears. If it's amy type of glandular cell I would honestly recommend you have further discussions with your medical team. Ultimately it's up to you of course but I sincerely wish I could have solved all my problems with a hysterectomy.  Treatments are much worse if it gets a chance to spread.

Sorry to sound negative, just concerned.

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Hi, I have my MRI booked for 18/3/2019 - the Lletz sample taken had clear margins, and it was stated just 1 small cell was noted. I understand that there could be more, and the MRI was suggested by the consultant. I am not saying never to the hysterectomy, I just cannot get my brain around what has happened to me. I have always attended every single cervical smear test. Suppose angry would best describe my feelings - I have kept myself in the best physical condition I can, no medication, no long term ailments. Now this has hit me squarly in the face .

V Firth



It  hasn't just happened to you. It has happened to many of us. You are not alone.